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I’m fully committed to my clients, and am happy to accommodate my services in order to fit their needs. The work I’ve undertaken is a testament to my high standards as a qualified Professional Organizer. Have a look at some of my latest jobs below and a snapshot of my Instagram feed!

ajax craft room on

Craft Room Transformation

This fun project was for my client who just moved into her new home. She wanted to set up this awesome arts and crafts space on the main level for her two daughters. It was like a dream come true for them! We had a ton of stuff to work with, so luckily, we were able to get everything sorted and organized using what she already had.

We popped all the similar items together in her shelving unit, and then we went ahead and labeled everything so it's easy to find. And she had this amazing three-tier cart that we used to stash all the paint, stickers, and crafting goodies. It was seriously a game-changer! Her table had these built-in drawers, so we filled them and labeled those too!

Now, everyone knows exactly where to put things back. Plus, we made sure to leave some supplies out on the table so the girls can dive right into their crafts whenever they want. I gotta say, my client was over the moon with how it all turned out. It's such a cozy and creative space now, and I'm just thrilled we could make it happen!

AJAx dry pantry ON

Organizing Pantry

Let me tell you about this project! We cleared out everything, got rid of anything that was past its prime, and then organized what was left into neat little groups. After that, I did some digging to find the perfect products to keep things tidy, and my client loved most of my suggestions.

But here's the kicker—there were a few items she wasn't too keen on, so I hit up Dollarama to find some budget-friendly alternatives. I showed her what I found during our next meeting, and once she gave the green light, I was back on the hunt to grab the approved goodies.

Despite all the running around, my client didn't have to shell out a single penny for my time to source and purchase the products. Plus a couple of bins to return at the end, so it was a win-win all around!

ajax garage on

Garage Transformation

You won't believe it, but I've been working with this client for years now! I've pretty much tackled every nook and cranny of her house, except for one spot—the garage. That's right, the final frontier! So, we rolled up our sleeves, emptied out the entire garage, and laid everything out on the driveway.

It was a real purge fest—we got rid of anything that wasn't serving a purpose anymore. Then, we dove back in, popped everything into these weatherproof bins, and labeled them all nice and neat.

Now, she can easily find whatever she needs in there, from outdoor gear to random overflow items. It was a total transformation, let me tell you!

AJAx her closet ON

Closet Organization

Oh, let me tell you about this amazing project I did for a wife, mom, and homeowner! She was in desperate need of some serious closet TLC. I'm talking about shelves overflowing with jewelry boxes, stuff strewn all over the floor, and drawers that were basically unusable.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We pulled out every single piece of jewelry, untangled those pesky necklaces, and matched up all the earrings. It was like a jewelry rescue mission, I tell you! Then, we tackled the bulky clothing, stashing them away in these cute uniform bins on the top shelf. But wait, there's more! We used these nifty clear organizing drawers for her earrings, and bigger ones for the necklaces.

And her handbags? Oh, we put them on display on the shelves, giving them the spotlight they deserve! We managed to group everything together using some of her existing storage, and even left some space for more clear drawer organizers if she wants to expand. Let me tell you, it was a total closet makeover, and she's over the moon with the results!

ajax his closet on

Closet Transformation

Hey, have you ever seen those top shelves in closets that are just a total mess? I'm talking about stuff piled up so high you need a ladder to reach it! Well, I tackled one of those, and let me tell you, it was quite the challenge.

The main goals were to clear that cluttered floor, make better use of the vertical space on the top shelf, hang up as many clothes as possible, and really make those built-ins work for us. So, I decided to use the same fabric along the top shelf as I did in his wife's closet – consistency is key, right?

Then, I swapped out those bulky hangers for these sleek velvet ones. They take up way less space on the rod, so we could hang up more clothes without overcrowding. And get this – we managed to clear the floors without even doing any purging!

We just added some bins to the built-ins, labeled everything, and voila – instant organization magic!

AJAx pantry ON

Pantry Grouping and Sorting

Let me tell you about this pantry project for one of my clients! It was quite the before we got our hands on it – I'm talking expired food, chaos everywhere, you name it. But with a little bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of organization, we turned that pantry into a dream space! So, picture this: busy parents of two, always on the go, and feeling totally overwhelmed every time they stepped foot in their pantry.

But after just one day of work, we completely transformed the space. We tossed out all the expired stuff and then got down to business. We created these awesome zones to make life easier for them – baking goods, pasta and rice, snacks, breakfast items, teas, you name it, we had a spot for it! We even decanted some of the pastas and grains and used these super cute open-front bins for snacks so they can just grab 'n go.

And let's not forget about those wicker baskets – perfect for holding bagged goods and any overflow items. Oh, and the best part? We labeled everything! I mean, you wouldn't believe the difference it makes. Now, everything has its own place, and my clients couldn't be happier. It's amazing what a little organization can do, right?


Bedroom Transformation

My client needs to wake up at the crack of dawn to get her nursing job and has multiple cultural functions that she attends on a regular basis. She found herself overwhelmed with the chaos, trying to find her nursing uniforms and the matching pieces of her outfits.

We were able to hang up all of her outfits together in the closet, so she never missed a piece. We organized all of her jewellrey by colour, so she knew which one's matched and created the system for her hijabs by colour so she would never lose one.

The key was that she made the decision to invest in herself and get the help she needed to get out from under the chaos once and for all. As wives and mothers, we are excellent, and putting ourselves last and convincing ourselves that an occasional brunch or a pedicure is enough investment in self care.

markham ON

Closet Step-by-Step Execution

Let me tell you about this amazing client I worked with! She's a nurse who's always on the go, juggling crazy early shifts and attending South Asian cultural events left, right, and center. But between all that hustle and bustle, she found herself drowning in chaos. Her closet was a disaster zone – she couldn't find her nursing uniforms in the morning, and forget about matching her outfits for those cultural functions!

So, she made the brave decision to invest in herself and get the help she needed to reclaim control of her space. We totally transformed her closet! Now, all her outfits are hanging together, so she never misses a piece. And her jewelry? We sorted it by color, making it a breeze for her to find the perfect match for her look. Oh, and those hijabs?

We organized them by color too – no more lost scarves! You know, it's so easy for us wives and moms to put ourselves last, thinking that a brunch or a pedicure is enough self-care. But sometimes, investing in ourselves means getting the help we need to tackle the chaos and reclaim our sanity. And let me tell you, seeing the smile on my client's face when she saw her organized closet? That was priceless!


His Closet Transformation

We totally transformed his closet, and let me tell you, it's every sneakerhead's dream come true. So, picture this: my client is a total sneaker fanatic. He's got this awesome collection of kicks, and he wanted to show them off in his closet. No more hiding those limited edition gems in boxes under the stairs – these babies deserved to be front and center!

We hung up most of his clothes to make room for his sneaker collection. And used the long top shelf to stack his sneakers in these super sleek clear shoe bins. Now, he can see all his prized possessions at a glance, no more digging through boxes to find the perfect pair for the day.

You know how it is with sneakerheads – they put so much time, effort, and money into building their collections. So, it's only fair the sneakers get the care they deserve, right? I mean, those limited edition drops are like works of art! And now, every time he walks into his closet, it's like stepping into his own personal sneaker gallery. How cool is that?


Closet Step-by-Step Execution

My client is a non-profit catering to children and had this space that was supposed to be a recording studio, but instead, it was filled to the brim with donations for school drives and holiday giveaways. Can you imagine the chaos? Boxes and bags everywhere, and no one could find anything they needed. It was a total mess!

But you know me – I love a good challenge. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work sorting through all those donations. We categorized everything neatly and stored them in a way that would make it super easy for their volunteers to put together those giveaway bags. And let me tell you, when those drives kicked off, everything went off without a hitch!

Their volunteers were able to find exactly what they needed in no time, and the space is finally being used for its intended purpose – as a recording studio! It's moments like these that remind me why I love what I do. Helping others and making a real difference – that's what it's all about, right?

north ajax on

Kitchen Transformation

Let me share a story about this couple I helped out. So, the hubby had been holding down the fort in the kitchen while his wife was dealing with some health issues. Bless his heart, he knew where everything was, but let's just say it was a bit chaotic!

And poor wifey, she was at her wit's end trying to navigate through all the drawers and cupboards to find what she needed. I mean, we've all been there, right? So, I swooped in to save the day and worked my magic in their kitchen.

We streamlined everything to meet both their needs – hubby's got his system, and wifey can finally find what she's looking for without pulling her hair out. It was such a rewarding project, and seeing the relief on their faces made it all worth it.

Another kitchen conquered, and another happy couple – that's what it's all about, am I right?


Bedroom Organization

I've got to tell you about this amazing woman I helped out. She's a total boss babe – running her own business, managing the household, the whole shebang. But even superwomen need a little help sometimes, right? So, she called me in to give her bedroom a bit of a makeover. Nothing major, just setting up some systems that she could easily maintain herself.

She didn't have a ton of stuff, just needed a little direction to keep things in order. We used these awesome clear shelf dividers to organize her handbags and keep them standing upright. And let me tell you, labeling was key! Now, she knows exactly where everything belongs, so no more hunting around for misplaced items. What this project shows is that not all clients are drowning in clutter.

Some, like her, just need a little nudge in the right direction. And the best part? While I was busy setting up her bedroom, she was able to carry on with her day, ticking off her to-do list like the boss she is. It's all about creating spaces that work for our lifestyles, right? Here's to keeping things organized and stress-free!

whitby on

Garage Transformation

My clients were getting their garage floor epoxied, and they called me in to help with some serious organization. First things first, we needed shelving built for storage. I found them a fantastic contractor, and we got right to it. We sorted through all their stuff and organized everything into bins for longer-term storage. It was like a puzzle, figuring out how to make everything easily accessible while the epoxy dried.

Once the garage was empty, we placed their items in the pod for temporary storage. Then, when shelving was built and the floor was all shiny and new, we went back in and set up the other organizing solutions. Can you believe it? Both of their cars can now fit inside for the winter!

Seeing the smiles on their faces – and even a few tears of gratitude – made all the hard work worth it. I'm just thrilled to have been able to help them out. Here's to making spaces work for us and bringing a little extra joy into our lives!

whitby ON

Storage Sorting

Remember those clients of mine who were getting their garage floors epoxied? Well, they decided to tackle their basement storage room too! They called me in to create systems so they wouldn't fall back into the same disorganization patterns once the floor was all shiny and new.

First things first, we cleared out that storage room and sorted everything into categories. It was quite the task, but we got it done! A few weeks later, once the floor had dried, we went back in and added some extra shelving.

We arranged it in an L-shape, which was genius because it allowed them to access all their electrical panels and other equipment easily. It was such a transformation! I love being able to help people create spaces that work for them. Here's to banishing clutter and making room for all the good stuff!

Oakville, ON

Full Kitchen Transformation

When you pull everything out of your kitchen cupboards, you will be surprised at the amount of space you have for the things you need.

Completely emptying the space you want to organize is an important and often underestimated step when decluttering. It can become overwhelming but when you work with a system and have a clear goal the results are amazing.

We were pleased with the results of this project, the second of three we completed for this busy professional mom.


Organizing on a Budget

In this set of cupboards we used simple and inexpensive product to categorize and group like items together.

A neat and streamlined look is possible and there is no need to spend a ton on product, the process remains the same.

This client's budget for product was only $100 but the results were outstanding!

If you need something similar, let me know and I’ll be happy to put a personalized proposal together for you.


Cupboard Transformation

This demonstrates how a quick edit and grouping can create an aesthetically pleasing space.


Small Pantry Purge and Organization

We used a number of organization solutions in this space including bins, baskets and containers.


Reach-in Pantry Grouping and Sorting

We have raised this pantry cupboard a notch by deploying decanting to create a uniform look.

Everything is labeled and there is no guessing what is running low in the pantry.

Does the idea of decanting an entire pantry from scratch seem daunting, but you love the uniform look of a decanted pantry? Reach out to us!

richmond hill, ON

Closet Staging to Sell

When this couple decided to move, their organization goals changed and we pivoted to deliver what the client needed.


Little Ladies Closet

This project is a great example of what I can provide. It really highlights my skills and professionalism.

If you need something similar, let me know and I’ll be happy to put a personalized proposal together for you.

markham, ON

Sexy Closet Transformation

The closet is a sample of the full bedroom transformation we completed for a busy entrepreneur and mom.


Upgrading Her Closet

Our client needed to maximize the use of the built-ins for her extensive jewelry collection.

We used stackable storage to maximize vertical space.

brampton, ON

Shared Walk-In Closet

Organize your closet as quick as it takes for the beat to drop. Ok maybe not that quick but I can get most walk-in closets organized in nine hours.

brampton, ON

Making Space for Two

The goal in this closet was to make more room for someone moving into the space.

Mission accomplished and once she swaps out the existing hangers for thin velvet, she will have even more space to share.

We provided the new occupant a hanging closet organizer for some shoes and to store folded pants and a versatile bin on the top shelf.

A little form and function applied and we were able to create the result my client desired!

ajax, ON

Walk In Closet Step-by-Step Execution

In this closet we executed the SORT - EDIT - STORE process to reduce clutter and maximize space.

ajax, ON

Walk-in Closet Great Results

Clothing hung in a rainbow on coordinated hangers.

A shelving system that tucks perfectly in the walk-in closet and provides a home for items once strewn about the closet floor. Sentimental clothing prominently showcased.

This gentleman can now enjoy his clothes instead of searching for them, doesn’t your man deserve the same?

Let’s work together to elevate his space along with yours by providing a system that works with his life, not against it!

oakville, ON

Re-Imagine Home Office

This busy professional found herself working from home four days a week and decided to maximize the solarium-turned-office. She also wanted to ensure there was room for her daughter in the events schools close down... a reality of our times.

Form and Function by Kira came in and created the systems she needed using containers and bins she had already bought inspired by "Get Organized".

Clear bins stored on the shelves so she can see her stock and leave space on her desktop and in the drawers for only the essentials.Are you and your children adjusting to working from home?

We can help you optimize any space to maximize productivity.

ajax, ON

Entertainment Nook Clutter No More

Having an entertainment nook upstairs is a great feature in any home. The additional common space provides more options for a family to spend time together or use shared equipment (like a computer).

However no one wants to walk outside their bedroom and see an untidy mess in their hallway.

In this home we executed our SORT - EDIT - STORE process to create form and function for the owners.

Notice the space on the bookshelves - they don’t have solid sides or back and the width is only one foot.

Using baskets allows the space to be used functionally with a cleaner aesthetic.

A stunning transformation of your entertainment space is possible too.

toronto, ON

Room to Process Library Archives

We spent a few days completing what this retired librarian has spent the last decade working on.

Her daughter-in-law reached out to me to help her corral the documents and books that were scattered throughout the home and create a system for the archiving process. We categorized the books and documents, purging many, and then found the appropriate storage for them.

This project took us 24 hours to complete and we were able to leave her the space to process and archive her collection, sending them to their final destinations in library archives across North America.

This was one of our favourite projects; we thoroughly enjoyed browsing though the rich history of the artifacts and finding out things about the city we grew up in we didn't know before!

scarborough, ON

Prepping A Home for Sale

This house had been built by the grandfather of the current owner and bought by him and his wife.

Grandad had a workshop in the basement with all his tools and hardware that had accumulated over decades. He also loved to make wine so the workshop had over 100 unopened bottles.

The owners decided to list and their agent reached out to us to help them declutter the workshop, as well as another space in the basement being used in as a games room, so it can be ready for showings.

We managed the disposal of everything not wanted - including the wine - and packed away all the tools for the family. There were even tools and hardware hanging from the ceiling!

We left a few items on display to stage the rooms and made the space ready for potential buyers to see the potential.

toronto, ON

Room to Process Library Archives

We spent a few days completing what this retired librarian has spent the last decade working on.

Her daughter-in-law reached out to me to help her corral the documents and books that were scattered throughout the home and create a system for the archiving process. We categorized the books and documents, purging many, and then found the appropriate storage for them.

This project took us 24 hours to complete and we were able to leave her the space to process and archive her collection, sending them to their final destinations in library archives across North America.

This was one of our favourite projects; we thoroughly enjoyed browsing though the rich history of the artifacts and finding out things about the city we grew up in we didn't know before!

ajax, ON

Basement Storage Declutter

This basement storage area had turned into a dumping ground for a variety of items.

We purged and
categorized, returning only things that are required by the homeowner.

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